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Setup – Text Setup

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Lets discuss some of the messages and text fields that you will use to communicate useful information to the guests and your staff.

Lets discuss the different type of messages and where they will be seen.


  • In Setup, under Text Setup:
    • The dashboard will display all messages that have been entered.
    • To review and/or edit an existing messages, simply click anywhere on the line to go to the next screen.
    • Globe Icon indicates a global default code that can not be edited.
    • Use the trash can on the right to delete unwanted messages.
  • Message: communicate with your staff by adding a message to K2.
    • Click + Message
    • Enter the Line number where you want the message to display on the screen
    • Give the message a Title
    • Select the Type of Message:
      • Messages: Whether setting up an active Alert for today to let all staff know about important information (Big Event, VIP guest, bad weather, etc.) or a Date specific communication. These messages will show up on the navigation bar on K2.
      • Alert: communicate information as an alert to the front desk that displays in red on the K2 home page. This particular message is only valid if the “Active” box is checked.
      • Calendar: If there is a specific day or range of days to communication information to the Front Desk (These are the big activities going on this week.)
      • Welcome: Create a “Welcome to Work” type message for your staff. Maybe provide a daily update or important stuff going on in the campground that day.
    • Create the message text
    • Click Save
  • Receipt Message: gives the ability to make sure we outline different information for different transactions. For example, a gift card transactions receipt will have different verbiage than KampStore transaction receipt.
    • Click + Receipt Message
    • Give the receipt message a Name.
    • Check the Active button if this receipt message is currently active. This can be changed later.
    • Classify the Type of message, essentially when does the message print on the receipt.
    • Does this message Allow Signature Capture, if so, move the slider to the right.
    • Give the message a Priority. What line on the receipt will this message appear as?
    • Enter the Dates that you want this message to display.
    • Enter the receipt text you want displayed to the guests.
    • Click Save
  • Terms and Conditions
    • Click + Terms and Conditions
    • Simply create a title
    • Add a marketing friendly Term or Condition. The key here is to keep the description short and to the point. As the guest will be seeing this when it is applied to a discount. Make sure to keep it very marketing friendly and guest-centric.
    • Click Save
  • Text Fields: Input text for the guest or Front Desk to see to help with booking and cancelling reservations.
    • Click Text Fields
    • Enter your campgrounds Cancellation Policy here.
      • Guests will see this confirmation and will also display on KOA.com.
    • STS Confirmation Notes are for short term reservations that your guests will see. 
    • Cancellation Instructions are for your staff only. These are reminders or tips that you want your front desk to remember when a cancellation occurs.
    • LTS Confirmation Notes are for long term reservations that your guests will see.
    • Guest Arrival Instructions is where you will put the instructions for your guests upon their arrival.
    • Click Save

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